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Kerry-Ann Brown



SKYHIGH Customised Education, specialisesin supporting studentsin mastering foundationalskillsin reading and mathematics

Meet Kerry-Ann Brown, an exclusive mathematics and physics lecturer, education consultant, and assessment specialist with over 15 years of experience in the education sector. Kerry-Ann holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's degree in mathematics teaching, both from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). Additionally, Kerry-Ann has a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of the West Indies (UWI). She is dedicated to serving her students, colleagues, supervisors, school and community, showcasing outstanding time management skills and a wealth of knowledge in student services.

Kerry-Ann's entrepreneurial journey was a result of her passion for business, which emerged during her teaching experience when she felt restricted in making significant decisions to improve students' performance. Consequently, she decided to venture out on her own, aiming to demonstrate the true potential of customised education and empower others to join her cause.

Kerry-Ann’s educational institution, SKYHIGH Customised Education, specialises in supporting students in mastering foundational skills in reading and mathematics while preparing them for the grade level and standardized exams. Using the National Standards Curriculum and accredited assessment methods, SKYHIGH identifies students' strengths and weaknesses to design personalised learning packages that foster improved performance at and above their grade level

What distinguishes SKYHIGH Customised Education from the competition is its unique self-designed assessment tools and tailored support programs for clients. The SKYHIGH team prides themselves on identifying and nurturing the necessary skill-sets to unlock students' full potential. Kerry-Ann looks forward to a promising future, with plans to expand her brand by establishing additional branches and sections such as SKYHIGH CXC Online Academy, SKYHIGH Math Institute and SKYHIGH Smart AcademyDigital High School. Her vision is for SKYHIGH to become the preferred institution for tackling educational challenges globally.

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