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Kemesha Bolton


K’S Natural Fruit Desserts manufactures and distributes Natural Fruit Pops and Natural Fruit Dessertsfrom seasonal fruitsin Jamaica

Nothing is too big to achieve once you apply yourself and trust your abilities.

Kemesha Bolton, the founder of K’s Natural Fruit Desserts, is driven by her creative side, cultivated since childhood through participation in cultural activities, stage performances, and teaching creative arts. Established as a sole trader business for the past five years, K’s Natural Fruit Desserts originated from Kemesha's desire to provide fruit options for her son, who had stopped eating fruit.

K's Natural Fruit Desserts specialises in manufacturing and distributing natural fruit pops and natural fruit desserts using locally sourced fruits in Jamaica. The focus is to offer healthier alternatives to sugary treats, aiming to provide enjoyment without the negative effects of longterm lifestyle diseases.

Kemesha’s passion for business lies in nurturing ideas from inception to fruition, akin to presenting a piece of art, and she envisions a bright future for her business. She plans to distribute her fruit pops to every school in Jamaica, to expand globally through exports and to achieve to self-sufficiency by growing and manufacturing all raw materials in-house.

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