Creating Partnerships

Kavelle Hylton


STEM Builders Learning Hub is an educational technology company that connectsstudents with expert STEM teachersfor online and onsite tutoring.

"Be brave and take action, even when you’re scared, because it is better to try than have regrets later in life."

STEM Builders Learning Hub is an innovative EdTech company that aims to provide equitable access to qualified STEM teachers and resources for students in the Caribbean.

Founder, Kavelle Hylton is passionate about STEM and has first-hand experience of the difficulties students in the region have in accessing STEM educators and resources. To address this issue, she created an online learning platform and locally manufactured STEM activity boxes/science kits, which are ideal for homeschoolers and students at the kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.

With over a decade of experience in STEM education, project management and training, Kavelle is an expert in the field. She holds a B.Sc. in biology with education, an M.Ed. degree, and she is currently pursuing an MPhil/Ph.D. in science education at the University of the West Indies.

STEM Builders Learning Hub's mission is to become a centre of excellence for STEM education in the region. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programmes, they aim to improve access to STEM education and increase interest and success in STEM subjects. With a commitment to professional development and teacher training, STEM Builders Learning Hub is dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue a career in the STEM field and is prepared for the future of work.

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