Creating Partnerships

Kaiel Eytle


Reelvibez Studios is a motion picture production company aimed at the development and distribution of unique, marketable motion pictures. The company is a brainchild of entrepreneur, Kaiel Eytle, a scenic and lighting designer for over 10 years. Kaiel’s goal through Reelvibez is to create a sustainable model that allows for a significant amount of creative freedom from the filmmaker, while he creates film products with the earning power to maintain the growth of his content catalog.

Kaiel’s love for filmmaking coupled with a desire to see growth in Jamaica’s film industry led him to motion picture production. Kaiel completed a degree in Film at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida after a 10-year career in stage lighting. His experience and education combined to develop his vision for taking local motion picture production to an international level.

Kaiel is building Reelvibez Studios on the belief that motion picture products can be created on a consistently high-quality basis. Central to bringing this to the Jamaican Film Industry is the establishment of a world-class motion picture production and training facility. Through this, Kaiel hopes current and future filmmakers and creatives of all levels and backgrounds in Jamaica will have access to a level of production, training, and resources never seen within the English-speaking Caribbean. Additionally, the facility will have the resources to attract and meet the needs of high budget international productions that will provide a variety of exciting employment opportunities for local crews.

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