Creating Partnerships

Jodi Miller-Maragh


Pukrup Cosmeticsis a Jamaican home-based luxury manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of plant-based/plant-derived skincare products.

"Running a business is not for the faint of heart; it will break you mentally and physically. It has taught me that taking a break is essential."

Jodi Miller-Maragh is the founder and owner of Pukrup Cosmetics Limited, a Jamaican-based luxury skincare manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Her dedication to creating natural alternatives to chemical-laden skincare products led to the formation of her business. With a focus on plant-based and plant-derived ingredients, Pukrup Cosmetics has gained a reputation for providing high-quality skincare products that protect, nourish and replenish the skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

Jodi's entrepreneurial journey began in her teenage years when she dreamed of owning a veterinary clinic. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in agriculture production and food system management, she pursued her passion for entrepreneurship and founded Pukrup Cosmetics.

In addition to providing natural skincare products to consumers, Pukrup Cosmetics has also made charitable contributions to the Cancer Society of Jamaica. The company believes in the power of nature and is committed to protecting the environment by providing plant-based alternatives to traditional skincare products. Jodi and her team at Pukrup Cosmetics continue to innovate and expand the company's product line, providing consumers with safe and natural alternatives to traditional skincare products.

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