Creating Partnerships

Jo-Ann Morris


Rachael Lane is a premier Jamaican brand that offers a tropical luxury experience to those who value self-care, convenience, and intimacy.

"Our vision is to become a marketplace for authentic Jamaican items and an internationally recognized lifestyle brand synonymous with tropical luxury."

Charmaine and Jo-Ann Morris, a mother and daughter team, founded Rachael Lane. As a fan of handmade items, Charmaine decided to try soap-making. Jo-Ann, a Bachelor of Arts student and fragrance enthusiast, developed a talent for blending fragrance oils and creating and gifting her candles to friends and family who couldn't get enough. Joanne joked that they could start their candle and soap business in 2019, now that she would be out of work. Rachael Lane was born as a result of the idea.

The company creates fragrances, soaps, and hand-crafted candles that evoke the smells, feelings, and atmosphere of living in a tropical paradise. Rachael Lane's packaging and branding reflect Jo-love Ann's color, design, and texture. Furthermore, Rachael Lane incorporates Jamaican elements into all its products, such as authentic ceramic and handmade clay jars that are fired and dipped to create one-of-a-kind creations that are ideal for its candles. The Mustard Seed Communities, a non-profit organization that cares for children and adults with disabilities in the Caribbean, currently manufactures jars.

The company will set out to accomplish its vision by cultivating a devoted tribe of brand ambassadors and expanding its product line to include homeware and lifestyle brands that complement its core offerings. The mother-daughter team will also broaden its reach to help younger entrepreneurs by teaching and mentoring young women to show them the possibilities that lie behind the skills they possess.

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