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Jeanette Marcelle


Handmade by Jeanette Company is a lifestyle company that creates clean granola, unique sauces, and spice rubs.

Patience: you need tons of it.

Jeanette Roxanne Marcelle, born in Trinidad and Tobago, discovered her passion for cooking while working as a server in a Thai restaurant during a school vacation. Uncertain about her career path at the time, Jeanette excelled in cooking, often being praised for the culinary skills inherited from her mother. Determined to make a living doing what she loved, Jeanette enrolled at the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Hospitality and Tourism, where she began her journey as a chef. After completing her internship at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center, Jeanette then embarked on an adventurous three-year stint cooking on board a prestigious cruise line while satisfying her wanderlust spirit.

Upon returning to Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanette collaborated with local chefs and gained experience in various fine-dining restaurants and hotels. As she pursued her BA (hons) in human resources management and an MBA in marketing with a focus on entrepreneurship, Jeanette realised her desire to go beyond cooking. The global pandemic also pushed Jeanette to reflect deeply on her life's direction. This contemplation led her to launch Handmade by Jeanette Company, a lifestyle brand offering clean granola, unique sauces and spice rubs made from indigenous ingredients such as coconut, cocoa, tamarind, scorpion pepper and orange peel.

Driven by a commitment to job creation and community development, Jeanette sources her fresh produce locally and further supports her community through a farm-to-table project with a children's home. This initiative educates the children about the significance of growing and consuming their homegrown food. Additionally, Jeanette actively participates in donating time and toys to the community's annual children's Christmas party, further emphasising her dedication to making a positive impact beyond her culinary endeavours

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