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Jannel Alexander-Reid


The Institute of JAR is a skillstraining and entrepreneurship school registered with The Ministry of Education in Jamaica.

Grit. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart.

Jannel Alexander-Reid, a graduate of The Mico University College with a master's in educational leadership and management, has been an educator for the past 15 years. Her journey as an entrepreneur can be traced back to her childhood, with her mother and a high school teacher recognising her innate entrepreneurial traits at a young age. These early insights and encouragement led her to embrace a combination of entrepreneurship and education, hence the creation of The Institute of JAR

Founded to empower women through skills training and entrepreneurship, Jannel, through JAR, has found what brings her the greatest joy and flexibility of time.

The Institute of JAR is a registered skills training and entrepreneurship school with The Ministry of Education in Jamaica; it offers a range of short courses (6–8 weeks in duration) in various skill areas and entrepreneurship. Among the courses offered are Events Planning and Decor, Makeup Artistry, Cake Baking and Decorating and Floral Arrangements and Housekeeping.

Driven by her passion for education and entrepreneurship, Jannel is dedicated to empowering women globally. The Institute of JAR aims to foster social and financial independence for women; Jannel’s sense of pride in contributing to national development, women empowerment and economic growth, fuels her vision for endless possibilities in the future.

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