Creating Partnerships

Jaime Martin


Rvffian is a male-care brand that boosts black men'sself-image and confidence by providing high-quality beard-care tools, products, education, and services.

"You never stop learning; there is always more to learn."

Jaime Martin is the founder of Rvffian, a malecare brand that seeks to enhance black men's self-image and confidence through high-quality beard care tools, products, education and services. Jaime's passion for entrepreneurship and background in marketing led him to create and develop Rvffian during his university years.

Rvffian's holistic approach to beard care ensures that its products are crafted by professionals in the field and its marketing is focused on providing consistently edifying content to customers. By building strong connections with male grooming companies, Rvffian aims to set itself apart from other competitors while establishing a strong foundation in the industry.

Rvffian's platform also raises awareness for men's grooming and self-confidence issues by giving men the opportunity to share their stories and expertise on their self-confidence journeys. The brand aspires to become a full male care community within the global sphere, selling common male grooming products while becoming a thought leader on the topic of men's health and self-image.

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