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Ina Sotirova


Mango Magic is a cinematic movement for a more harmonious, healed and magical world.

Be organised; plan ahead; have a solid structure and a strong, dedicated, healthy, happy and trustworthy team.

Mango Magic is a visionary cinematic movement with a mission to create diverse, uplifting, and globally-relevant audio-visual content for a more harmonious and magical world, led by CEO Ina Sotirova, an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller with 15+ years of media experience.

Fuelled by her passion for exploring and changing the world, Ina initially studied political science and economics, but soon discovered the power of visual storytelling and redirected her path toward photography, journalism and documentary filmmaking. Since moving to Jamaica in 2015, inspired and additionally trained, she expanded her creative horizons into the world of fiction. With a dedication to both creativity and entrepreneurship, Ina has reimagined Mango Magic from a feature film idea to a multi-faceted transmedia intellectual property (IP).

Kemesha’s passion for business lies in nurturing ideas from inception to fruition, akin to presenting a piece of art, and she envisions a bright future for her business. She plans to distribute her fruit pops to every school in Jamaica, to expand globally through exports and to achieve to self-sufficiency by growing and manufacturing all raw materials in-house.
The company envisions producing a range of impactful creative products, including a short (Stinky Mango) and feature film (Mango Magic), video game, NFT (non-fungible tokens) collections, AR (augmented reality) books, and more. Committed to having a positive social impact and green practices on and off set, Mango Magic also plans to launch a line of locally crafted, environmentally-sustainable merchandise, and to lead a Social Impact Campaign aimed at catalysing individual and collective healing through the power of storytelling and community.

The campaign seeks to stimulate discussions and challenge cultural and societal norms surrounding mental health and emotional well-being,

particularly among men and boys, and includes community screenings and discussions across Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond, as well as the creation of a Film Companion Workbook that dives deeper into the themes of mental and emotional wellness, provides space for self-reflection and offers mental health resources. Both the Mango Magic feature film and video game present uplifting messages about the environment and human relations, catering to young and mature audiences alike.

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