Creating Partnerships

Gillian Jackson & Clava Mantock


" We both love learning and teaching and have created a company that facilitates online learning in new and dynamic ways "

Clava Mantock and Gillian Jackson are cofounders of Intelex Systems Limited. They believe every child should have access to high-quality educational content and have a passion for connecting students to great teachers.

Intelex is an educational technology (edutech) company that provides learning platforms that support great teachers to teach well online. Mantock’s Guide is the first teacher course on-boarded by Intelex which provides interactive and responsive eLearning tools studying for high school entrance exams for children in the age range 9 – 12 years. Intelex aims to improve education in core subjects through a user-friendly and dynamic learning platform. COVID-19 propelled Intelex to execute a concept that has been in the works for 7 years!

The learning platform provides individual customization of lessons and quizzes based on the requirements for the students ‘Roadmap to Success’. The roadmap outlines the path the child must take to be able to successfully master the topics presented. The vision of Intelex is to use machine learning, gamification, and artificial intelligence, to propel the education standards in Jamaica.

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