Creating Partnerships

Geli-Anne Campbell


FANNE Promotions & Media Management Services Ltd. is a marketing agency.

"My love of the business is inextricably linked to my appreciation for personal empowerment and the desire to help others. FANNE facilitates that; and more than anything else, this business inspires others to help others ...We pay it forward!"

GELI-ANNE CAMPBELL is a public relations and promotions consultant with over 20 years experience in public relations, marketing, radio and television production. Geli is a seasoned professional, whose honesty and professionalism provide effective leadership and optimal business relationships. Her career in the field of public relations started in 1998 as a public relations officer for entities with a mandate to position clients as leaders in their respective spheres. Since then she has positioned herself as a first-rate publicist in her own right. Upholding the goals and objectives of her clients with effective practices and a vision to make a positive contribution to nation-building through social responsibility.

With experience spanning event planning; public speaking and hosting; writing, marketing, and extensive media relationships, Geli embodies the true essence of a communications expert. GELI's personal mantra is to be "Grandiose, Effective, Liberal and Influential [G.E.L.I.]." These values drove her to establish FANNE Promotions & Media Management Services.

Geli-Anne has built the company on a strong ethos embedded in corporate social responsibility with a mission to create opportunities through empowerment. FANNE develops and executes media and marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and improve public perception of businesses and public figures. The company is on a trajectory to provide niche promotional
tactics to help companies better determine their market position and demographics.

Geli-Anne is working to position the FANNE brand as a regionalforce to be reckoned with by maintaining her unwaveringcommitment to creativity and integrity while upholding her clients'goals and objectives to deliver the best results.

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