Creating Partnerships

Gabrielle & Randolph Burges


Suga Lifestyle is a network of MSMEs, distributors and investors.

“We seek to expand our offerings to raise more awareness amongst local businesses to gain growth opportunities.”

Suga Lifestyle began as a hobby, providing entertainment through restaurant ratings, reviews, and commentary on sports and
current events.

However, when co-founder, Gabrielle Burgess was about to launch an exclusive exhibition to promote her other business, GW Art, she changed her mind. She decided to open the show to other small entrepreneurs in the creative industries to showcase and sell their products instead. After discussing the idea with her husband and co-founder, Randolph Burgess, they both agreed. They together launched the Suga Lifestyle's Christmas Connection, an expo focusing on Jamaican handmade products that also give back to the community.

Suga Lifestyle's Christmas Connection (SLCC) has become known over the years as a onestop shop for people tired of going to multiple Christmas expos and finding the same entrepreneurs displaying similar products, lacking variety, or even displaying a few items made in China, and not being able to complete their gift shopping. The SLCC experience has helped it stand out in a sea of Christmas expos and pop-ups.

By partnering with other organizations to give back to the community, Suga Lifestyle Charities Limited, the company's charitable arm, promotes and advances education for innercity youth, disabled youth, and at-risk youths, as well as health care for the elderly, disabled, and underprivileged. The Christmas expo and other events raise funds for various communities. Suga Lifestyle's work continues after expos, where their goal is to create a platform that forms a bridge between qualified MSMEs and wider market opportunities, and to prepare these businesses for growth and expansion.

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