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Gabrielle Burgess


GW Art isfor Everyone.

"Gabrielle's goal is to create a world where GW Art elevates spaces and the spirit and peace of mind of people."

Gabrielle Burgess, the company's managing director, and CEO founded it in 2014. Though Gabrielle had always wanted to be a Doctor, she was always an entrepreneur at heart. Her choice of business came as no surprise since she had always held a paintbrush.

After winning the top award for art from first grade through to ninth grade, she shifted her focus to the sciences and became a
Radiographer after leaving her love of art behind.

This career path was the advised way to make money. Despite leaving the art world, she never lost her passion for it and continued to draw and paint in her spare time. Upon starting university in 2003, she used the proceeds from selling one of her paintings to pay for textbooks and offset the cost of her education. Her artistic abilities also helped her save thousands of dollars when it became time to decorate her own home in 2010.

By 2014, Gabrielle started selling pieces to friends and family. Gabrielle took a leap of faith and formally launched her business GW Art, convinced she had discovered a new way to make money.

GW Art has slowly and steadily earned the reputation of being the number one choice for quickly and affordably sourcing décor, gifts, and souvenirs over the years. Anyone can quickly identify their desired piece from any collection thanks to GW Art's recognizable signature use of color, texture and vintage black and white. To help the environment, GW Art uses eco-friendly packaging.

Gabrielle's goal is to create a world where GW Art elevates spaces and the spirit and peace of mind of people.

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