Creating Partnerships

Ester Houston, Kyle Gooden


FlashCart Ltd. aspiresto be customer'sfirst choice for all their instant delivery needs.

"Ideas are good, but you never know how good an idea is until you bring it to market and put it in front of real customers."

Flashcart Limited co-owners Ester Houston and Kyle Gooden are on a mission to create a dependable and efficient grocery delivery system.

The two have always been business-minded. Ester Houston founded ES DABEST, a clothing company that sold branded and customized hats and shirts, during her first year of university. This company operated for three years and primarily served university students, clubs, and party promoters.

Meanwhile, Kyle Gooden was enthusiastic about science and engineering and how one could use them to solve societal problems.
He entered the Utech Business Model Competition twice while at university, with two (2) technologically innovative ideas
centered on renewable fuel and sustainability. While accompanying a friend to the store in 2018, he witnessed long checkout lines filled with frustrated and disgruntled customers. Flashcart Limited arose from that experience.

FlashCart Limited aspires to be the customer's first choice for all their instant delivery needs, including groceries, make-up, apparel, and everything.

Currently, the company offers its customers a seamless online platform to quickly fulfill all their daily necessities, such as groceries, alcohol, over-the-counter medication, household cleaning items, beverages, snacks, and baby products. Flashcart also implemented a plastic bottle recycling program in 2020 to keep bottles out of Jamaican landfills

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