Creating Partnerships

Elliot Jones


Elliot Jones is a fourth generation farmer who wished to diversify his family’s farming business. He conceptualized FMJ Essential Oils to tap into the demand for organic, locally grown and processed essential oils for food & flavour, cosmetic, aromatherapy, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical and perfumery industries around the world. FMJ grows and extracts lemongrass, pimento, vetiver, and ylang-ylang – some of the world’s most highly sought-after essential oils, which are all grown on the fertile soil of his family’s farming estates in eastern Jamaica.

From soil to shelf, FMJ Essential Oils proposes a fully vertically integrated business that promotes agro-processing; a practice that is underused by traditional Jamaican farmers. Planting, processing, and packaging are handled in the quality-controlled environment of the FMJ Essential Oils plant. Combining the 60 plus year experience of his family in agriculture, with Elliot’s progressive vision and spirited work ethic, FMJ Essential Oils will surely bring profits and prosperity to the rural community of Golden Grove, St. Thomas, Jamaica. In an industry worth approximately US$5 billion, FMJ Essential Oils is poised to open a powerful economic stimulus for Jamaica, to be a key industry player and to improve the quantity and quality of job opportunities for Jamaicans.

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