Creating Partnerships

Dwayne Hinds


I² Model Management is a model and talent management company that operates in the pageant, runway, professional development and image consultancy industry.

"In any chaos there is always the opportunity to make order of it and by doing so you learn how to become attentive. "

Meet Dwayne Hinds, the visionary founder of I² Model Management, a dynamic model and talent management company specialising in pageants, runway, professional development and image consultancy. With an unwavering commitment to transformational leadership and elite branding, Dwayne and his team are dedicated to delivering customer-oriented, result-driven solutions that guarantee success.

Driven by a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the Jamaican market, Dwayne created I² Model Management to fill gaps he identified and to gain talent recognition that he felt was lacking. What sets I² apart from other agencies is its focus on providing exceptional training and development to its models and talent. With over 16 years of experience in runway and pageant training, Dwayne understands the importance of remaining both marketable and relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

At I², core competencies include runway and pageant training, customer service, business management and coordination. Dwayne's personal passion for training in the art of walking led him to become a trainer, and he takes pride in sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring models and talent around the world.

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