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Devena Levy


When Devena Levy left the UK to come to Jamaica 20 years ago to learn about her Jamaican parentage, never would she have envisioned that clothing design would be in her future. Devena, an Interior Designer by qualification and training decided to combine her technical interior design and decorating skills with her ideas for stylish clothing. This was the beginning of Devena Levy Clothing and Designs. Upon visiting Jamaica, Devena saw the need for well-tailored clothing for Jamaican men and women of all body types which would also give them a feeling of confidence. Guided by Coco Chanel’s mantra on the style being a timeless concept, Devena matches her eye for style with her knowledge of fabric to create wearable pieces of art which are always in style. Utilizing a myriad of textures, patterns, colors and lines, all of Devena’s designs make the wearer stand out.

Devena’s edge is her attention to detail. Using her technical background to calculate measurements of an individual’s body to ensure a perfect fit, Devena’s clothing accentuates each wearer’s body appropriately. Devena foresees her designs appealing to a global audience and has plans to commercialize her designs and export. With years of hands-on experience Devena’s passion comes to life in all her pieces, whether it’s a man’s bespoke suit a casual pair of trousers for a lady, Devena’s creativity coupled with a global mindset is a recipe for success

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