Creating Partnerships

Dennis Eccleston


Synergy is an automotive solution company that providesthe automotive industry with world-class products and services.

"My most important lesson has been patience. Every step is essential to our growth, and moving at a consistently slow and steady pace can drive overall growth."

This innovative entrepreneur is Dennis Eccleston the CEO or Founder of Synergy Performance, which was founded over seven years ago with the focus of creating a solid automotive brand, However, after the birth of his son Zidane, Dennis's focus shifted to
leaving a generational cross over.

Synergy Performance initially started as a performance part supply chain which became stagnant due to market changes that allowed customers to order and ship their own parts. There was no other alternative but to pivot and thus innovation met passion, fueled by legacy he crossed over to a new business model to become an automotive solution company which offers
affordable, world class products and services to the automotive industry.

Synergy places a strong emphasis on automotive care products and has created their own line of products called the Vue Car Care line.

Here’s a fun fact about Synergy, they are the Caribbean’s first creator of a hybrid Ceramic Infused Car Shampoo. With each wash a layer of ceramic protection is added to the vehicle giving it a shiny finish while combatting the sun’s damaging UV rays, paint fading, oxidation and the like.

The company has donated over 750 backpacks to the less fortunate through its Believe In Tomorrow Charity Foundation and is working to provide entrepreneurial mentorship for teens.

The company intends to build a state-of-the-art factory in Montego Bay and become the Caribbean's first Automotive Care Product manufacturer capable of mass production and exportation.

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