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Daniel T. Edwards


"Long Story Short..."- the Caribbean'sfirst and only monthly storytelling showcase/live music experience.

Running a business requires the highest, most purpose-driven, and stoic version of yourself.

The 180 Vision LLC is the force behind "Long Story Short..." - the Caribbean's first and only monthly storytelling showcase combined with live music performances. The concept is simple yet powerful: five storytellers share true stories about themselves in seven minutes or less, accompanied by two musicians performing short sets. This platform provides a safe space in which creatives can express their truth and art through the timeless art of oral storytelling, recognising the transformative power of stories as a source of healing and inspiration

Daniel T. Edwards, the CVO (chief visionary officer) of The 180 Vision LLC, envisioned T180 as the Caribbean's premier lifestyle brand for Men and boys built on three pillars: aspiration, motivation and transformation.

Growing up with an enterprising single mother, Daniel learned the art of selling at a young age and began honing his skills from as early as 10 years old, paving the way for his impressive 30+ year sales career. As the years passed, however, Daniel felt his life had become a meaningless pursuit of wealth, akin to running on a hamster wheel. This led him on a quest to find a deeper purpose, and in 2015, he conceptualised T180 and "Long Story Short...," relentlessly working to bring his sense of a deeper purpose to fruition.

A master of personal development, wellness and psychology, Daniel introduced T180 Workshops in 2017 starting with one corporate client, and has since gained 12 additional clients. In 2018, he launched the Caribbean's first men's lifestyle YouTube channel. "Long Story Short..." was also launched in 2019, becoming Jamaica's inaugural monthly storytelling showcase with live music. Daniel also co-founded the transformational super group "We3Kings" and made his authorial debut on with the number-one international best-selling book, "We Are the Sacred Masculine Rising", through which he shared his journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

With unwavering dedication, Daniel plans to ensure that "Long Story Short..." becomes the premier platform for Caribbean speakers, storytellers and musicians, transitioning into television and expanding into a grand storytelling, comedy and music festival held in various international locations

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