Creating Partnerships

Dalean Barnett


Postage Logistics provides individuals with a safe and reliable way of getting their packagesfrom the United Statesright to their doorstep in Jamaica.

"It will take time for any business to really make sense; you have to learn how to tough it out during the difficult times."

Postage Logistics Group, founded by Dalean Barnett and his wife, was established in 2021 to address the gaps in the local logistics market and provide a safe and reliable way for individuals to receive packages in Jamaica sent from the United States during the pandemic. As the company grows, it aims to contribute knowledge, technology and employment opportunities to the logistics and manufacturing sectors in the local community.

Dalean's passion for business started during his sixth-form years in high school, where he charged for computer science lessons offered to students who were interested in learning more about programming. This interest in entrepreneurship was further sparked during his first year at university when he worked as a Junior IT consultant for one of his lecturers. Dalean was drawn to the freedom and income potential of owning a business and is now focused on growing the Postage Logistics Group.

Dalean sees tremendous potential for growth and innovation for Postage Logistics Group in the future, especially with the use of cloud computing and AI to automate manual tasks and improve the customer experience. The company's mission is to become a leading logistics provider in the region, providing topnotch service to customers while contributing to the growth of the local economy.

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