Creating Partnerships

Courtney Spence

Captured Moments Ltd.

Captured Moments Limited was founded in 2018 out of the desire to consolidate my trading as a limited liability operation; since 1987 after leaving high school I ventured into the supplying of photographic supplies. This came about as a result of the demand identified by me in my video club venture that I started whilst in school.

What started as the desire to meet my personal need evolved into a distribution of media equipment and supplies, incorporating the photography and videography industry. However, with the rapid evolution of the digital age this has seen all our resources stretch to the limit as our business was now knocking on the door of a different segment of the creative industry i.e. print and design shop, signage, souvenirs, RFID Cards for government entities such as JUTC Smart Card and Voters IDs.

Captured Moments Ltd. is a pioneer as the first to bring high quality and innovative products to the local market, thus giving us a solid edge over any competitor. Even with competition against online vendors, we have the advantage with our unique buyer’s club which offers our customer the opportunity to utilize our benefit under The Omnibus Legislation & The Urban Renewal Tax Incentive Act.

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