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Christopher DeAllie


Gourmet Eats Grenada focuses on the mushroom farming business, purely to help people eat alternative proteins.

Patience: being able to build something that lasts beyond a lifetime.

Gourmet Eats Grenada, a subsidiary of Eden Investments Inc, was established with a focus on mushroom farming to provide people with alternative proteins that are costeffective and promote better health. Unlike traditional agricultural businesses, Gourmet Eats Grenada utilises non-agricultural land and a commercial warehouse in the hotel belt, leveraging technology to reduce labour costs, improve productivity and efficiency, and to ensure contamination-free production, ultimately boosting profitability.

Christopher DeAllie, the company’s founder, holds a bachelor's degree in business management studies from the University of Wales and a postgraduate certificate in financial planning from Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Christopher’s passion for business and finance was instilled by his parents' influential roles as corporate CEOs, and he gained valuable experience in accounting, auditing, investment banking, retail banking and business development, which empowered him to pursue his own entrepreneurial vision.

Operating in his home country of Grenada has given Christopher a deep sense of pride, and has heightened his desire to bring positive changes to his community. By introducing the unseen potential of the market to young entrepreneurs and agriculturalists, the company aims to offer cost-effective gourmet mushroom products (including dried or fresh options).

The company also plans to explore medicinal species to provide natural health remedies that enhance brain function and alleviate anxiety and depression. It also emphasises sustainable practices by utilising waste materials and carbon sequesters, and by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the nation.

Looking ahead, Christopher envisions expanding the company’s product offerings, introducing a psilocybin (mushroom) extract drink, pills and tinctures made from dried medicinal strains, diversifying gourmet mushroom blends and establishing a psilocybin dispensary. These plans signify Christopher’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation, and to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of customers and the broader community.

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