Creating Partnerships

Chereese Ricketts


Raised under entrepreneurial parents working in the eye care industry, Chereese Ricketts was well on her way to a successful career in eyewear by the time she reached her teens. On her fifteenth birthday, EL•ES Eyewear was born. She was given her own shelf in her parents’ store to sell the sort of glasses she herself would want to wear. Now, ten years later, she runs an eyewear consultation service that matches clients to glasses that represent their personality. The frames in her mobile eyewear boutique include pieces from her original line, LaVonne.

Catering to the funky, free-spirited person who wants to “live out loud through their eyewear”, LaVonne celebrates Chereese’s love for designed pieces that fuse fashion, form and function. From eye-catching colours to unconventional patterns and shapes, LaVonne challenges prevailing trends to include a new category of frame for the extraordinary wearer.

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