Creating Partnerships

Bevon King


Coming from a strong farming family background, Bevon King always imagined agriculture being done differently. He didn’t just start a company, but a movement to reshape how we think about agriculture, with a vision of creating the self-sustainable communities across the Caribbean and Latin America he always imagined. Using the most modern technologies in agriculture, KingCo Foods involves more people and organizations in the production of organic fruits and vegetables, enabling partners to generate income while having positive social and environmental impact.

King and Company Foods achieves this by bringing in a new era of Agritech Consulting, where individuals and organizations can maximize the earning potential of their property by ‘farming it out’. This is made possible through autonomous and soil-less farming technology, which makes growing food a lot like producing energy with a solar panel. Offerings currently include Agritech Consulting, Hydroponic System Design and Installation, Maintenance, and Resale of produce to third parties like hotels, restaurants, and supermarket chains.

Bevon seeks to maintain world class levels of social responsibility and food safety certification. KingCo Foods has planned a campaign to educate and train students in modern agricultural practices, breaking stereotypes and ensuring that future generations are more involved in agricultural production.

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