Creating Partnerships

Alton Bertie


Creativity and passion are, and have always been the driving forces in Alton Bertie’s life. Coming from a long line of professional musicians, Alton graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and catapulted to the top of the music industry. Now he has merged his talents with his fierce entrepreneurial spirit to form ABX—a content creation company aiming to assist other Caribbean businesses in elevating their appeal.

ABX’s primary focus is on music creation. By providing Hollywood-style soundtracks for advertisements and various other media, ABX will work to enhance the quality of ads in the Caribbean and give them a more cinematic feel. This more polished, professional approach to advertising will benefit any business seeking to widen their target audience, says Bertie. To date, the company has won numerous awards worldwide and has worked with some of the regions most established names. Now, the company hopes to turn its influence to the younger generation. This year, ABX will host lectures at schools across the BVI to encourage young people to pursue careers in music. Alton plans to offer one-on-one mentoring to promising students, and provide showcases for new talent at special functions.

With an already established reputation for quality and musicianship, ABX is looking to expand its offerings to clients to include videography/photography, graphic design, and data and analytics. Keep an eye—and ear—out for ABX, as there’s no limit to what’s in store.

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