Yello Media Group has awarded recent Branson Centre graduates US$10,000 worth of marketing products and services to help the SMEs weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 businesses from across the Caribbean will benefit from free consultations from Yello Media Group’s pool of experts valued at US$500; this is to ensure that the entrepreneurs have the right marketing mix to generate more sales and revenue opportunities. The recent graduates include Instant Save Conservation Solutions, Jamaica Smoke & Spice/RibKage, Connect Critical Infrastructure Solutions, The Book Merchant, Whiterain Publishing, Littles Hobby Hut Fish Farm and Safari & JL Farms, Caribbean Mountain Coffee (British Virgin Islands), Clean Harbours Jamaica Ltd., AquaWorx, Vetiver – TT (Trinidad & Tobago), Oracabessa Dive Shop, Nature My Therapy, Angel Lisa (Belize), Gwen-Estelle Naturals, Caribbean Technology Solutions, AllTechBiz Concepts & Vision Ltd., Amazing Concrete Finishes, Hub Coworking, Chocolate Dreams, and the Silver Bowl Restaurant.

“Yello Media Group is very excited to be working in partnership with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean and provide support to the ongoing growth of Caribbean based businesses,” said Chief Revenue Officer, Christopher Armistead. “We share a common and ambitious vision which is to provide entrepreneurs with access to the tools needed to reach their business goals”. 

“When Yello Media Group approached us a couple of months ago, we knew right away that they were committed to the development of Caribbean entrepreneurs”, said Branson Centre’s Development and Communications Manager, Gizelle Riley. “When most companies are conserving resources, Yello Media Group continues to step up to the plate and offer support wherever possible,” Riley continued.

The announcement happened last Friday in a private online ceremony. Branson Centre’s CEO Lauri-Ann Ainsworth kicked off the occasion marvelling on how the partnership quickly blossomed from a livestream event she did with Yello Media Barbados a few months earlier. Thereafter, Yello Media Group’s Senior General Manager (Jamaica) Jessica Campbell made the official announcement.

“Thanks to Yello media for their generosity in assisting us in these challenging times, and thanks to the Branson Centre for the mind opening experience of first class entrepreneurial development.” Gariel and Gillian Ferguson, Ribkage Bar and Grill

“When I look at what Branson Centre is about, I see where it aligns beautifully with the language that is spoken here at Yello and our overall outlook about businesses and our passion for businesses,” said Campbell. “Every year, Yello serves more than 20,000 businesses in the Caribbean, and throughout the pandemic, Branson Centre and Yello continue to support the Caribbean entrepreneurial ecosystem”. Jessica dubbed the award as the entrepreneurs’ official entry to the Yello family, and concluded by saying that “once you go Yello, it is hard to go back”.

The recipients were beyond grateful for the opportunity the partnership presented. Each was selected based on the immediate needs and innovativeness displayed by each entrepreneur as they navigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. “COVID -19 has really changed everything, but there are still a lot of opportunities,” said Instant Save CEO, Leanne Spence. “This partnership sounds as though it is working towards helping my business to serve our customers better and build messages that resonate with them; I am very excited to see what else it brings”. 

“This partnership sounds as though it is working towards helping my business to serve our customers better and build messages that resonate with them; I am very excited to see what else it brings”Leanne Spence, Instant Save

This is one of many initiatives the organizations have implemented to make a bigger impact on the Caribbean’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Others include launching a series of joint-webinars focused on marketing, leadership, and operational management, as well as Yello Media Group lending its digital advertising expertise to bolster awareness of Branson Centre’s upcoming virtual summit Leadership in a Digital Age. “Yello Media Group continues to provide unwavering support to the Branson Centre,” said Branson Centre’s CEO, Lauri-Ann Ainsworth. “We aim to provide small and medium size entrepreneurs with our combined skills, knowledge, and training so that they can be better equipped and lead a thriving operation as they adjust to this new normal”.


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