Zenaide Whittley

EZ Events and Catering

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Zenaide Whittley is bringing zest to events and making catering options a breeze in Western Jamaica with EZ Events and Catering by offering a one stop solution for catering, décor and event planning. She also uses her creative ingenuity to conceptualise and execute fresh, new events within Montego Bay and its environs. Zenaide made her mark on Western Jamaica with the event ‘Blooming Baby’, the first and biggest baby and family expo in Montego Bay, in 2015.  EZ Events & Catering boasts a suite of services, including customized creative culinary classes.Her company’s tasteful menu is filled with decadent options that are customizable and add appeal to any function.  The company also serves complimentary bread pudding and ice cream to homeless persons and children’s homes as a part of her Bread Pudding a la Mode Mission. As a creative and culinary entrepreneur, Zenaide has built a business that has coupled her creative mind and skilful hands with her passion for events, food and education.