Kemar Allen

Caribbean Compost and Recyclables

BCoEC- C12-26 copyChronic waste disposal problems. Hazardous landfill sites. These are some of the unfortunate realities facing Jamaica’s environmental industry.  With a background in business management and sustainability, Kemar Allen was inspired to start a business that would provide a sustainable alternative to conventional garbage disposal practices. If successful, this would minimize the volume of waste entering the country’s landfills and the devastating impact they have on climate change and the environment. Thus, Caribbean Compost and Recyclables (CCRJA) was born.

CCRJA is the first entity of its kind in the Caribbean, offering premium organic and recyclables waste diversion services to businesses. The waste is collected and put through a fully sustainable conversion process, rather than being sent to landfills. Organic waste is used to create compost, which is then sold as a soil enhancer. Recyclables are exported to manufacturing companies to be reused to create new products.

In partnering with CCRJA, businesses can boost their social and environmental initiatives profile while reducing their carbon footprint.

CCRJA is committed to the environment on a national and regional scale.