Jovan Evans


jovan-evans-8-187x187Jovan Evans left a promising corporate job to to pursue his dream to provide Jamaican households and businesses with an alternative to piped water. He  is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, where he obtained a B.Sc in Computer Science, and then worked for several years in corporate Jamaica. Yet, after experiencing crippling water shortage firsthand  and seeing how the 2013 drought severely affected lives on the island, he was determined to ease some of the water crisis that affects over 400,000 households in Jamaica. Without piped water, many find it difficult to carry out basic day-to-day chores and operations.  Not only is time and manpower wasted, but it is difficult to monitor water usage and conserve the precious commodity.  He soon invented Pump-N-Spray, a water dispenser that can be used for a number of household and commercial purposes.

With Pump-n-Spray, many problems  associated with water shortages can be alleviated. The device allows for water to be conveniently stored, easily transported and efficiently used. Pump-n-Spray  falls under Jovan’s parent company Aqua Flow, which is aiming to become the the number one company in Jamaica for the manufacturing and distribution of water dispenser units and accessories . Jovan holds multiple patents related to water dispensation and in 2014 he was recognized with a National Innovation Award for his work on the company’s flagship product the Pump-N-Spray.