Our Model

We are the only accelerator in the Caribbean that offers a full suite of entrepreneur support services that is backed by a globally-recognised brand. Even before the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean (BCoEC) opened its doors, the team began speaking with entrepreneurs directly & listening to what they had to say.  Since launch, we have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and conducted extensive research into the needs and challenges that Caribbean entrepreneurs face in launching and scaling their businesses. We use this information to continuously enhance our offerings to ensure it is relevant and meets their needs. What we have designed is a robust programme that offers world-class entrepreneur training, mentorship, networking and more.

Enabling Growth

While start-ups create vibrancy in any economy, we believe that scale-ups create the most impact. Caribbean entrepreneurs need a framework and tools to help them structure their businesses and map out a growth path. That is why we offer free on-demand training even before entrepreneurs gain access to our  programme’s other support services. We want to enable high-potential entrepreneurs to present their businesses in such a way that strategic partners, grant programmes, external investors, banks, and any other partners, see their potential value and are willing to take a risk on the entrepreneur’s ability to achieve it.

No Entrepreneur is an Island

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, so we help to connect entrepreneurs with the people and organizations that can help to make their businesses succeed. Our programme is supported by our partners and volunteers – mentors, coaches, and experts who enable us to change the way business is done as usual. So, it’s part of our mandate to ensure that we make valuable and effective connections, not only for our entrepreneurs, but also for our partners who serve them. We aim to provide a mutually beneficial and rewarding opportunity for seasoned entrepreneurs and members of the business community to give back and make an impact.

To Be, or Not To Be

As a non-profit we must find ways to prosper, in order to deliver the impact that we envision. Our goal is to become a self-sustaining operation that thrives, not just survives. We think and act like the start-ups we support, identifying new opportunities to scale and generate revenue to support our operations.