What It Means

social-blurbs2Branson Centre Official Entrepreneurs are change-makers, innovators and leaders. A Branson Centre Official Entrepreneur is a strong ambassador for both entrepreneurship and the Branson Centre, and is committed to scaling a Caribbean business. We see our Official Entrepreneurs as partners – individuals who can contribute to our robust global network and whose engagement with us will help strengthen the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In return, we put the convening power of our brand and the Virgin brand behind our Official Entrepreneurs. We will open up our network of mentors, coaches, experts and investors to you, and promote you as a credible business leader and change-maker. We will support you along the different stages of your entrepreneurial journey by providing the tools and services you need to push through barriers and grow a sustainable business.

How to Get There

In order to become a Branson Centre Official Entrepreneur, you must complete the training programme on Branson Centre Caribbean Online. By the end, you would have pulled your Business Pitch Deck together into a cohesive, vibrant document and be a contender for the next stage of our programme.

The next step is to submit your Business Pitch Deck and video pitch to us, pay the required assessment fee and go through our evaluation process. We want to see that you have successfully applied the tools and knowledge from the online training, and are able to pitch your business effectively both on paper and in person. You will receive expert feedback on your Business Pitch Deck & video pitch. If you pass our assessment phase successfully, then you become a Branson Centre Official Entrepreneur and gain access to the high-touch stage of our programme.

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