Success Stories


Since our launch in 2011, the Branson Centre Caribbean has helped many entrepreneurs achieve success and growth, both in their businesses and their own personal development. But, don’t take our word for it. Watch the videos below to hear it straight from three entrepreneurs who are happy to tell the world how the Branson Centre Caribbean’s accelerator programme helped them.

Allison Harrison (Cohort 3) – Factory75

Allison joined the Branson Centre in 2012 to develop her skills as a creative entrepreneur. She knew she wanted to use her talent and the art of filmmaking to make money, but wasn’t quite sure how. The Branson Centre helped to add knowledge to her vision, and she is now a confident entrepreneur with a clear vision for where her business is going and how she plans to get there.


Jovan Evans (Cohort 7) – Aqua Flow (Pump N’ Spray)

Jovan joined the Branson Centre in 2015 with a great invention but no business. The Branson Centre helped him to structure his business by providing pro bono legal services as a part of our Professional Service Provider Programme. Jovan was also a winner in the Branson Centre’s Made of More Challenge, which got him an unsecured business loan at 4%. He’s been using this loan to grow his business by increasing production to supply recently acquired retailers with his product.

Latoya West-Blackwood (Cohort 9) – iPublish Jamaica/Imagination Books

Latoya recently finished her training on the Branson Centre Caribbean online. She learned solid lessons on the necessity of mapping out financials and numbers for her business. Latoya is looking forward to scaling her business within the next year.