Entrepreneur Services

Branson Centre Caribbean Entrepreneurs are innovative, socially-conscious, big-thinkers, who demonstrate potential for high impact. We look for entrepreneurs who are go-getters operating sustainable, growing businesses that are ripe for investment, globally competitive and regional game-changers. We welcome companies from all industries, as long as they stand out from the ordinary.

You should also be:

  • Passionate about what you do
  • Open to new ideas and concepts
  • Willing to take calculated risks
  • Ready to be challenged and challenge yourself
  • Dedicated in the pursuit of your vision
  • Driven by a unique viewpoint and perspective that goes beyond making money
  • Ethically and socially-minded about how you operate your business, and the impact you can make in your community and the environment.
  • Taking in a minimum yearly revenue of 30M (JMD) from your business

We love entrepreneurs of all ages and from all places, but in order to be part of the Branson Centre Caribbean entrepreneur cohort, you must be at least 18 years of age and reside in one of the countries where we operate.


What We Look For

We offer resources to entrepreneurs who are in the scale-up phase of their business, many of whom have been operating their business for 3 years. This is often the period when crucial resources are needed to scale and push through barriers to being a viable player in the market.

We seek out entrepreneurs that have a proven track record and have built a business to at least 250-thousand USD in revenue. This tells us that this entrepreneur has the right skills necessary for acceleration.

Additionally, we look for companies that are poised for scalability lead by entrepreneurs who have great ideas that are backed by strategic thought and strong due diligence. Our entrepreneurs have researched their industry and identified a distinct value proposition, and our support programme helps to push through to grow beyond the obstacles.

It’s great to follow your passion, but entrepreneurs should follow it into an industry that offers enough growth potential to profitably scale. The best kind of risk is a calculated risk and the entrepreneurs that truly benefit from our programme operate sustainable businesses that add real value – one that will attract investment, create jobs and earn revenue. Our entrepreneurs think globally, or at least regionally, from day one.

We look for entrepreneurs who have built businesses with a minimum yearly revenue of 250-thousand USD. This benchmark criteria indicates to investors that there is a proven track record for growth by which development and quality deal flow can take place.  Our goal is to accelerate our entrepreneurs in revenue in order to match them with investors.

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