Pitching Past The Comfort Level – Staysean Daley Wins USD $5000 at PitchIT Challenge Finals

Branson Centre Official Entrepreneur, Staysean Daley is a woman on a mission to  establish her business, KRAASImages, as the premier provider of authentic Caribbean stock photography. Staysean has been steadily growing KraasImages since opening the business in 2013. Fresh off the heels of a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016, Staysean upped the ante this year by winning one of the esteemed PitchIT Caribbean Challenge USD$5000 grants in St. Kitts last week.

An elated Staysean stated that she entered the PitchIT Challenge to gain experience pitching her business in a public setting. . Not unlike the general artiste stereotype, Staysean tends to be reserved and introverted. She wanted to challenge herself with the task of delivering the perfect pitch in front of a live audience. Pitching requires a balance of eloquence, a deep understanding of one’s business and what it needs to get to the next level, all woven intricately into a great story and delivered with a dash of charisma. Sounds challenging right? Add a 5-10 minute delivery time limit and a live audience to the mix, and you’ll certainly understand why most entrepreneurs sweat buckets at the thought of pitching and often refer to it as a ‘necessary evil’.


After some intense preparation, Staysean went forward and pitched the story of KraasImages, an innovative stock photography website born out of a need to solve the problem she faced as a graphic designer who was unable to find authentic Caribbean images for use in artwork. Fate would so have it that she emerged as one of the winners. In the process, Staysean said she was able to network with other entrepreneurs on a regional level, which will no doubt give rise to partnerships in other Caribbean countries and contribute to scale and expansion for KraasImages.

Staysean plans to use the funding to increase the photo content on the KraasImages site in order to comfortably offer new subscription packages to customers of the site. Eventually, Staysean plans to move away from the pay-per-image model that currently exists and offer  subscription package options that will give customers access to numerous images for specific time periods.

There’s always value in challenging one’s self and pushing past your comfort level. Staysean did just that and as a result overcame her fear of pitching, won some seed funding and made some connections for expansion. All that’s left now, is the future – a future that looks very bright.

Learn more about Staysean Daley’s business here.